Current Promotions

Current Promotions at Our Pet Hospital in San Jose, CA

Our Veterinary Promotions

Saratoga Veterinary Hospital is always offering promotions on our veterinary services for your furry friends. Take a look at our current promotions below! If you have any questions about any of our promotions or veterinary services, contact our animal hospital today!

New Client-Pet Exam
Pet Exam: $25 

Monday through Saturday from 10 AM-6 PM ONLY

Pet Grooming Services
Grooming: $5 off /pet

Pet Dental Care 
Canine Dental Cleaning: $250
Feline Dental Cleaning: $250

Note: Additional charges apply for pre-op blood work, teeth extractions, pain medication and oral antibiotics 

Spay And Neuter Clinic 
Canine Spay (0-30 lbs): $115
Canine Spay (30-69 lbs): $135
Canine Spay (>60 lbs): $135
Canine Neuter (0-40 lbs): $115
Canine Neuter (>40 lbs): $145
Feline Neuter: $75
Feline Spay: $95

Note: Pre-op blood work, IV fluids, pain medication and buster collar not included. If in-heat or pregnant, additional charges apply.

Pet Vaccine Clinic 
Physical Exam: Free
Vaccine Charges: $16 each
Deworming: $16

Tuesday and Thursday from 10 AM-6 PM
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