Current Promotions

Current Promotions at Our Pet Hospital in San Jose, CA

Grand Opening Promotions

New Client-Pet Exam

Monday - Saturday between 10 AM-6 PM ONLY

Grooming Services
$5 off /pet

Pet Dental Care 
Canine Dental Cleaning $250
Feline Dental Cleaning $250

Note: Additional charges apply for Pre-op blood work, Teeth extractions, Pain medication and Oral antibiotics 

Spay And Neuter Clinic 
Canine Spay 0-30 lbs $115
Canine Spay 30-69 lbs $135
Canine Spay >60 lbs $135
Canine Neuter 0-40 lbs $115
Canine Neuter >40 lbs $145
Feline Neuter $75
Feline Spay $95

Note: Pre-op Blood Work, IV Fluids, Pain Medication and Buster Collar not included.
If In-Heat or Pregnant, additional charges apply.

Pet Vaccine Clinic 
Physical Exam Free
Vaccine Charges $16 each
Deworming $16

Tuesday and Thursday from 10 AM-6 PM
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