Pet Grooming

Pet Grooming Services in San Jose, CA

Pet Grooming: 

Saratoga Veterinary Hospital offers high quality dog and cat grooming services performed by our experienced Pet Stylist. We have a brand new grooming facility that is ready to provide your pet a day of pampering. We pride ourselves in improving your pet’s quality of life, and a new hairstyle and thorough clean will do just that. Bring in your pet today to see how a day with our staff will revitalize your pets look, and with no added stress for you.   

Grooming Services Provided: 

Our Pet Stylist is well versed in the standard breed styles but if you prefer a different look we are happy to accommodate your personalized request. We will also provide your pet with a bath, at your request, with an assortment of shampoos to give your pet a fresh scent. All of our services vary in price based on the breed, size, the condition of your pet’s coat, and the types of services required.

Additional Pet Care Services: 

We provide services that will make sure your pet is comfortable and clean from top to bottom. Your pet’s nails can become long and unruly, so we can provide a fast and painless nail trimming. We also make sure your pets ears are clean and clear of debris. Additionally, we provide anal sac expression services if your pet requires it. At Saratoga Veterinary Hospital we want to make sure your pet specific grooming needs are met, so we will provide a variety of additional services at your request  

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