Veterinary Services at Our Pet Hospital in San Jose, CA

Emergency Animal Care

Saratoga Veterinary Hospital maintains state-of-the-art technology to provide compassionate and expert veterinary care for pets that need emergency and critical assistance. We are an extended-hours veterinary clinic so we can provide medical attention for your pets.  

Pet Vaccines, Preventative Medicine & Client Education

We keep your pet feeling its best with regular annual check-ups for young pets, biannual check-ups for senior pets, and pet vaccines, flea, tick, heartworm, and parasite prevention using various oral and topical products. Our veterinary staff is happy to provide client education handouts related to prevention of internal and external parasite infestation, vaccine information, various medical conditions, routine and emergency surgical procedures, and products your pet may require. 

Internal Pet Medicine

Our highly experienced Veterinarians at Saratoga Veterinary Hospital provide services for diagnosis, management, and treatment of various diseases and medical conditions. Teamwork amongst staff, owners, and veterinarians enables the best possible care for your pet. Our progressive medical approach enables the most current recommendations for diagnostics and treatment in all disciplines of veterinary medicine.

Pet X-Rays & Pet Diagnostics

Digital Imaging: Using state-of-the-art equipment, Saratoga Veterinary Hospital’s radiology team provides rapid diagnostic assessment of pets requiring medical or surgical care. To determine prognosis and guide treatment, we offer Digital X-rays and Ultrasounds by a Specialist.

Laboratory Services: Our hospital is equipped with in-house IDEXX laboratory testing with advanced technology for immediate test results for your pets during emergency and routine care. This helps in the analysis of hematology, biochemistry, endocrinology, fecal, urine, and viral testing. We also utilize commercial veterinary laboratories for specialized diagnostics and consultations.

Spay & Neuter and Other Pet Surgery Services

Our highly skilled Veterinarians at Saratoga Veterinary Hospital perform a variety of emergency and elective surgical procedures. Some of the surgical procedures we offer are:
• Spay/Neuter
• Mass Removals
• Cat Declawing
• Cystotomy
• Gastrotomy/Enterotomy
• Dewclaw Removal
• Cherry Eye
• Tail Docking
• Abdominal Exploratory etc.
To ensure professional and attentive care, Saratoga Veterinary Hospital has installed state-of-the-art equipment including heart and blood pressure monitors, EKG’s, patient warming systems, and advanced anesthesia equipment.

Pet Dental Care

The mission of the Dentistry Service at Saratoga Veterinary Hospital is to provide the highest quality dental care to our animal patients.Pet dental care is something that is not on the forefront of pet owners’ minds, however taking your pet for preventative screenings and cleanings can go a long way towards avoiding more complicated issues down the road. At Saratoga Veterinary Hospital we are not only very thorough in our preventative screenings, but we are also able to treat any dental issues that are found as a result of those screenings.

Some of the routine procedures we perform include the following:
• Ultrasonic Scaling/Cleanings
• Tooth Extractions
• Treatment of Periodontal Disease
• Oral Surgery

Pet Grooming Services

Saratoga Veterinary Hospital offers dog and cat grooming by our experienced Pet Stylist. Grooming fees are determined by breed and/or size of pet, coat condition, and type of services required. Bring your pet for a day of pampering in our brand new grooming facility. We do everything from breed standard cuts to personalized requests. Choose from a bath with an assortment of shampoos, hairstyles of your choice, nail trim, ear plucking/cleaning, and anal sac expression. Additional services are offered upon owner request.

Pet Boarding

We offer boarding services available to take care of your pets while you are on vacation and out of town. Take comfort in the fact that your pet will be in excellent hands. Our pet boarding services include; a large warm environment, plenty of attention, and a friendly and caring staff. We are open 7 days a week. Space is limited, so please call in advance to inquire about availability

Referral Services

We have excellent working relationships with board-certified veterinary specialists in fields such as ophthalmology, orthopedics, oncology, and internal medicine, ensuring your pet receives the highest quality care possible. Most importantly, both patients and their owners will always be treated with the highest level of respect, sensitivity, and kindness.


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